Endpoint Protection and Compliance
With cybercrimes on the rise, businesses and corporates need to protect their data, endpoints, business critical systems and applications.
You need to identify and analyse exact scope and location of the attacks.
To enable businesses to detect, analyse and remediate the capabilities they need to follow below actions in their infrastructure:
a) Vulnerability Management: Scan, detect and report on the latest known vulnerabilities in the form of rogue files, processes and harmful configurations
b) Compliance Management: Scan endpoints to find and fix violations of your security & compliance policies against established IT policies.
c) Security Configuration Management: Run scans and audits of managed devices for security tools, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls .

SCCL will help you to install and manage this by deploying various solutions according to your infrastructure.
Below are the solutions we are skills and competent to assist with the above.
1. Kaspersky
2. McAfee
3. Eset