It is a legendary cybersecurity technology. It is a fast, light and invisible antivirus that protects everything you value on your windows, Mac, Android and Linux platforms. It offers a range of solutions for your home and business environments.
Home Environment Solution.
1. Multiple- Device Solution.
For the multiple-device solution we have 3 options to choose from. Ultimate Protection, Advanced Protection and Essential Protection. The ultimate protection being the best solution with great features for your devices.
2. Small and Home Office
This is a complete security that offers Antivirus with ransomware protection, secure banking, firewall, anti-theft and antispam, data & identity protection plus password manager.
3. Android and Smart Devices
There are 3 solutions for the android and Smart devices.
• ESET mobile Security for Android – Keep your device safe wherever you go.
• ESET Parental control for Android – Keep your children safe while they are online.
• ESET Smart TV Security- with Internet of Things security start with protecting your smart TV.

Business Environment Solutions
In the business environment being able to manage your company IT Security from a single console, ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, flexible licensing and benefit from the software’s light footprint are some of the major benefits you get from ESET. There are 3 major Solutions which are:
ESET Dynamic Endpoint Protect– It is an on premises managed solution that has remote management, endpoint security, mobile security, virtualization security, server security, and Full Disk Encryption. This solution however does not cover Mail Security. Sight and Sound Computers can help you in the setup and configuration of this solution in your on- premises as well as give continued support in liaison with ESET.
ESET Secure Business – This solution has the ESET Dynamic Protect solution however it does have Mail Security as an added advantage. It is the most popular in the business world.
ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced


ESET solutions meet the multi-platform requirements of your business: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Lotus Domino.
Sight and Sound Computers is determined to walk with you through your ESET security journey and you can count on us to integrate the solutions for you in your home or businesses.