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Trends in UPS Systems

Between a troubled public utility power grid, unprecedented demand for power by a growing population and the need to protect an increasingly digitally dependent economy, everyone from major manufacturing facilities to homeowners are recognizing the need and value of the protection and capabilities offered by today’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

Other drivers of the UPS market include older units being replaced and an increased demand for UPS technology in medical and healthcare applications.

Customers are demanding upgrades to existing UPS units to take advantage of technological advancements and to provide assured power and power quality for sensitive electronic and medical equipment

Advancements and developments

Customer demand for increased reliability and zero downtime has led to manufacturers designing more robust components for UPS systems, such as electronic switches.

  • New UPS systems being designed by manufacturers are able to examine critical points in the UPS system and can send that information to the facility’s monitoring centre.
  • Advancements in insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) now provide faster switching, increased ampacity, smaller sizes and overall cost reduction of UPS units.
  • The IGBTs can now be used in the front end, or rectifier, of the UPS unit, reducing its physical dimensions and allowing it to react faster to changes in electrical input and output, thereby improving overall power quality and more efficient reaction to greater load stresses
  • Power conversion, energy storage, and modularity and scalability are the three most prominent technological advancements in UPS systems.
  • What’s new is that the switches and controls are being distributed within each unit, rather than installed centrally, as they historically have been

Market trends

As the need to protect power sources and quality increases, UPS systems are being used in a growing number of applications, such as data centres to ensure the integrity of information and infrastructures, retail point-of-sale, educational and healthcare facilities, and industrial processes

  • There has also been an increase of the use of UPS systems in residential applications as homeowners want to protect their sensitive electronic and entertainment equipment from power outages and power quality issues.
  • Another new niche market for UPS systems are broadcast stations and casinos, according to Ramakrishnan. As more and more TV affiliates and cable stations broadcast digitally, they must protect both the power to broadcast, the quality of that power and the sensitive digital broadcasting equipment
  • There is also a market trend toward customers requiring smaller UPS units that provide the same level of protection. The trend is being driven by space being at a premium and by the cost of ownership.


The three general categories of modern UPS systems are on-line, line-interactive and standby:

  1. An on-line UPS uses a “double conversion” method of accepting AC input, rectifying to DC for passing through the rechargeable battery (or battery strings), then inverting back to 120 V/230 V AC for powering the protected equipment.

Online UPS

  1. A line-interactive UPS maintains the inverter in line and redirects the battery’s DC current path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost.

Line Interactive UPS

  1. In a standby (“off-line”) system the load is powered directly by the input power and the backup power circuitry is only invoked when the utility power fails.

Offline UPS

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