Palo Alto
It is the next – generation firewalls that provide control traffic allowed to access your network.
Device deployment models:

  • Physical appliances – helps to detect unknown threats
  • Virtual firewalls- protects your private and public cloud deployments.
  • Containers Firewall- Prevents advanced network-based threats from spreading.

SSCL Offerings.
Application policy enforcement (App-ID) Applications behavior are set and managed in this service provision.

  • User identification (user-ID)- this service enables firewall policies to be enforced on users and user groups
  • Threat Prevention- the service provisions a guard on the network from malicious attacks ranging from, virus, worms, spyware with avenues ranging from application and network traffic sources.
  • URL Filtering – The service helps in controlling access to inappropriate websites.
  • Traffic visibility and monitoring.
  • Malware analysis and reporting.