Our Services

The success and backbone of a product oriented industry is determined by the strength and performance of its services. The package that conceals the entire product range is not complete until relative services that equate demand for the same products are fulfilled.

The following is a list of all the major services offered within the precinct of a dedicated services department in Sight and Sound Computers LTD:

  • Network and software support service
  • Facility Management related to printing and document management.
  • Facility management related to servers and desktops
  • Maintenance and support services of ICT related devices
  • Hire/Leasing of ICT equipment
  • Pre-sales Support
  • Warranty and spare
  • Admin and helpdesk support service

The service support teams are organized in three groups:

  • Workshop
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Field Support

In our project management style, the Services Department has evolved into six sections with each having a team leader to ensure efficient synchronization in our service delivery. The teams and their skills are organized as follows.

Pre-sales Support
In-house and field support for newly purchased software, servers, printers, desktops, notebooks and handhelds.

Network and Software
Site surveys, network component configuration, NOS installation and support, cabling and termination, WLAN configuration and installation, backup software (e.g. Veritas and Backup EXE) installation and configuration.

Configuration and sale of service contracts, field and in-house software support, in-house and field diagnosis and repair of servers, desktops, notebooks, printers and handhelds, preventive maintenance, asset management.

Providespares for all types of computers, laptops and printers upon request. They also carry out diagnosis and repair of servers, printers, desktops, notebooks and handhelds.

Admin & Helpdesk
Administration and logistics, communication with clients and field staff, call processing.

Diagnosis, repair and service of servers, desktops, printers, notebooks, handhelds and software.

HP Warranty Spares
SSCL has reduced tedious stores procedures for all warranty spares by making it a two contact point procedure. The workshop orders the part from HP and fits or dispatches it to the relevant point, while stores do the receiving and issue. Further, to simplify this process, we have assigned two HP certified personnel in each unit.

HP Warranty Service and Support Centre

This certification gives Sight and Sound Computers Ltd the right to represent HP on any warranty related issues on any of their products. This applies to the full range of HP products supplied in the market through the valid supply HP channels.

HP Warranty Spares
SSCL has reduced tedious stores procedures for all warranty spares by making it a two contact point procedure. The workshop orders the part from HP and fits or dispatches it to the relevant point, while stores do the receiving and issue. Further, to simplify this process, we have assigned two HP certified personnel in each unit.

Hp warranty Process
SSCL is an Hp authorized service center, which is authorized to transact Hp warranty without passing through an intermediary. This applies to Hp machines globally regardless of the point of purchase.

Once a machine (laptop, desktop, printer, is booked in, diagnosis is carried out by our Hp certified engineers who identify the problem;relevant part is ordered and replaced accordingly. SSCL is stocking parts for warranty replacements, hence shortening the turnaround time. If parts compatible to some machines are not in stock, then the turnaround period can range between 10 -14 working days.

HP Warranty Support Process:
On SynergyPro (call management system), the faulty equipment Call is booked by Helpdesk and assigned.
The assigned professional attends the call and inputs details of the faulty part. The details include proof of purchase of the equipment (normally invoice copy/ number), the equipment serial number and the faulty part description (and part number if necessary).
Workshop picks the call details and makes the order to HP. The workshop also gives the job card number, warranty part, tagging and claim information to the Stores.
Stores receive the part from HP and hands it over to the Workshop who in turn fit or dispatch it to the relevant point. The process from when the part is received and fitted is immediate while the HP delivery and receiving of an ordered part is within 10 -14 working days and a maximum often days.

SSCL has centralized this to Stores as a single source point.
Once the faulty part is identified a requisition is made to the Stores and if it is available, it is issued immediately. However, if the part is not available an order is raised and delivered as soon as is possible. Parts available locally are availed within two working days. If not, the delivery period given is within three weeks.

Due to our existing partnership with other ICT Manufacturers, we are able to process their warranty through their local warranty centers. These include IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Epson and CISCO just to name a few. However, warranty processing for spares for these equipments are done at their manufacturers prevailing terms and conditions at the particular time when required.

SSCL is committed and focused on service delivery within practical set time relative to an almost immediate response time and a relatively short call to fix time. This enables us to achieve high performance levels in executing most service requests. There is also a return to base policy in place for single unit repairs on demand.


Accreditation, certification and quality improvement: Two of the key quality improvement tools in use in SSCL’s service delivery are accreditation and certification.

Accreditation is the process by which organizations demonstrate adherence to specific levels of practice defined by an accreditation agency, often expressed as standards, with the subsequent right to associate them with the agency.
The practices may cover quality assurance as well as setting goals for ongoing improvement (quality improvement). Different agencies have different mix of assurance and improvement in their requirements. Over time, as improvements are made, the accreditation agencies may update their requirements to support further improvements.

Certification is the process by which organizations meet the standards of service delivery. Standards cover both quality assurance and quality improvement activities. Most product organizations undertake certification audits by expiring certifications at specific intervals, then putting a mechanism for updating the standards by re-examining the certified personnel either on newer products or improved ones. One of the objectives of this certification method is to encourage support service providers to continuously improve service quality. A number of accreditation organizations have aligned some of their requirements with the international conventional standards like IEEE, ISO etc.

In the ICT industry these are achieved by meeting requirements of vendors and manufacturers of the products like HP, IBM, CISCO, APC, and Epson to name a few. SSCL is accredited to HP and its personnel have certification in HP, CISCO, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and D-Link and are also continuously certifying others in other models like Toshiba, Dell etc