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Certification is a process by which organizations meet the standards of service delivery; Standards cover both quality assurance and quality improvement activities. Most product organizations undertake certification audits by expiring certifications at specific intervals, then putting a mechanism for updating the standards by re-examining the certified personnel either on newer products or improved ones.

The objectives of this certification method are to encourage support service providers to continuously improve service quality. A number of accreditation organizations have aligned some of their requirements with the international conventional standards like IEEE, ISO etc.

In the ICT industry these are achieved by meeting requirements of vendors and manufacturers of the products like HP, IBM, CISCO, APC, and Epson to name a few. SSCL is accredited to HP and its personnel have certification in HP, CISCO, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, D-Link and is also continuously certifying others in other models like Toshiba, Dell etc.

Because of our professionalism in service delivery which is the core foundation of sight and Sound Computers ltd, our partners recognized our ability and as a strategic move, appointed us as classified under the below partnership portfolio:

HP Preferred Gold Partner

Sight and Sound Computers ltd focus in the market and strategic importance to international manufacturers was eventually confirmed when HP eventually appointed SSCL as their business partners and official representatives in Kenya and east Africa. This appointment was enacted to distinctively help the customer identify a point where quality and originality was at ones discretion at an affordable price. SSCL currently holds a Gold partner status.

HP Warranty Support and Service delivery partner

After intense evaluation of our technical team, systems and administration, HP eventually appointed SSCL HP Warranty and Service Support Centre. This has become a great boost for our customers since apart from just original hp product offering, we have guaranteed our customers readily available effective after sale support service on parts and labor backed up by HP east Africa as the manufacturer.

As an ASDP (Authorized Service Delivery Partner) SSCL is authorized to deliver high quality warranty services on authorized specialization and perform maintenance services on HP branded service offerings (HP Care Pack). This is because SSCL has proved the very rare capability to deliver value-added services.

This appointment enables us to support all hp products irrespective of sourcing but limited to the correct Channel distribution. In essence, any Hp product sourced from the correct Hp channel distributors, will be supported by Sight and Sound Computers LTD.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Sight and Sound Computers is a leading integrator of competitive, innovative and practical Microsoft business technology solutions. We have a solid track record of designing and implementing IT business solutions with a strong focus to provide our customers with better support, treating them as strategic business partners and focusing on individual needs.

In the years since our inception, we have built a local and international dealer and agent group, giving our customers access to a number of professionals offering complete and solid solutions using the latest information technology thus ensuring success in projects undertaken by Sight and Sound Computers ltd.

As a Gold partner, we closely work with Microsoft in its various markets to ensure that it builds its own abilities from both sales and services perspective. Microsoft has been helpful in ensuring that SSCL develops an understanding of the market and takes full advantage of opportunities to develop the services side of its business, by providing information and training to its staff. Sight and Sound Computers ltd. was selected as one of Microsoft’s Gold Partners in East Africa based on the high standards of the solutions and services provided to its clients.


Dell is also an internationally respected brand having proved to be as robust in performance as any other quality brand. It is therefore inevitable that SSCL has to maintain its culture of offering quality products by incorporating dell in its product portfolio.

Sight and Sound Computers LTD is a Dell 1st tier partner and service center. Our professional and proficient technical capacity, together with a reliable and experienced logistics department guarantees dell users of fast delivery, efficient and effective support. From that very first call you will find that our Dell product manager is well versed with servers, laptops, and desktops and that the entire sales team is always eager to assist in any relative consultations.


Sight and Sound Computers ltd is a silver APC partner, a certification that confirms APC sales and service qualifications and abilities. UPS is now a compulsory unit for any PC user. Consistent research and customer focus has now ensured that you can now get an all in one protection from APC (spike, surge and brown-outs). Its Plug & Play software option makes it 100% compatible to the new WINDOWS generation of hardware and software.

With APC, affordability is only secondary to performance because APC has a solution for any power back up requirement for all user environments that range from a single user to hundreds of users. APC also guarantees its users performance and stability by offering warranty for up to 2 years parts and labor.

Symantec has greatly enhanced security options for all business units by offering quality security products for every environment and need. Symantec also has a backup product known as VERITAS which is a software backup solution that offers flexibility in data storage for any business environment. This partnership brings Symantec closer to the market on a personalized level to complement the existing ICT infrastructure with a reliable and secure protection and data backup solution




SSCL is a certified partner to the following brands for IT networking and network support service


  • ProCurve
  • Siemons
  • D-Link

Other Authorized Dealer/Business Partner

It’s a standard that requires to be constantly maintained and it is in our goals to achieve the highest level or certification for all the products. As we offer you our constant reliable services, be part of us in achieving this goal.